Angelia(Grooming Shirt)

A trendy shirt has comfortable crew neck with short zipper.Static-proof breathable nylon fabric with water-resistant feature is the best choice for this functional work suit.Adjustable back belt, set-in sleeve and 2 useful front pockets.

Eirene(Wrap Shirt)

Fashionable V-neck wrap shirt, constructed from ultra light weighted nylon fabric, easy to clean and dry quickly.A practical tie belt with harmonized color as collar, not merely decorative but also very helpful for size adjustment.Two large pockets with elastic are very functional for tools organizing.

Pistis(Grooming Jacket)

Elegant fitted shirt with a high collar and a full sized zipper.Extra long for maximum protection and coverage.Adjustable back belt, set-in sleeve and covered front pockets.

Pheme(Grooming Jacket)

Zippered front jackets features high collar and stylish fitted back.Simplified and purified colors, decorated by harmonized matching pocket and zipper stripes.Reinforced at all stress points for long life.

Dione(Snap Down Jacket)

Cute flare sleeve is also good for comfortable operation.The empire waist slim and the snap down front bring lovely looking to your grooming room.Fancy colors to choose, even include stylish leopard.

Mania(Working Skirt)

A trendy skirt, brings encouragement and enthusiasm to your working environment.Ideal choice in hot weather, features from its light weighted and breathable unique nylon fabric.Practical zipper on back, ensure easy on and off.

Hebe(Grooming Shirt)

Unisex short cut styling, also good for men.Water repellent fabric, made from 1000/0, anti-static and easy to clean.Features with many different types of profiles, like Schnauzer, Poodle, Bulldog, Scissor, Paw, etc


Stylish, ventilated, comfortable, soft and light weight



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